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The Retirement Ceremony of Ven. Cheonghwa, the Director of the Bureau of Education on March 24, 2009

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The Retirement Ceremony of Ven. Cheonghwa, the Director of the Bureau of Education on March 24, 2009





The Director of Jogye Orders Bureau of Education Ven. Cheonghwa at his retirement ceremony after five years of service, said, When we leave, we should do so quietly.  Nonetheless, Im grateful that the Bureau of Education employees prepared this meeting.  He added, After retirement, I will write poems with all my heart.



Ven. Cheonghwa also said, Monastic training is the heart and foundation of the future of Buddhism.  Through training, we can see the future and correctly lead the Sangha.  There are many regrets when we look back at the past.  Nonetheless, please make efforts to guide monastic training that keeps pace with the changing times,



Ven. Cheonghwa has served as the fifth Jogye Order Director of the Bureau of Education since April of 2004.  He has made and reformed training regulations, restructured the training system, improved training environments, maintained the monastic examination system, made the training system more substantial, and showed the direction of how to cultivate disciples.  He also researched Jogye Order history, and researched and compiled Ganhwa-seon (Korean Seon training) texts.  Through these activities, he has strengthened the Jogye Orders historical root and identity. 



In the place of Jogye Orders Supreme Patriarch Most Ven. Bupjeon, Jogye Order Administrative Head Ven. Jikwan presented the certificate of appreciation to Ven. Cheonghwa.  Ven Jikwan said, By appropriately completing five years of service as the Director of the Bureau of Education, the monastic training has run systematically under a consistent theme and the educational system indicates continued stability.  Ven. Jikwan also thanked Ven. Cheonghwa for his devotion to monastic training. 



Chairperson of the Central Council Ven Boseon said in farewell remarks, Im not that saddened by the retirement, only because Ven. Cheonghwa showed in reality what it means to be a monk and as a true leader of education, he was devoted to the cultivation of Buddhists. 



Over 150 were in attendance on this day.  The publication of Ven. Cheonghwas new book of poems What will I live for? was also celebrated with Pastor Kim Sang-gun and Father Ham Sewoong reciting poems. 

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