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Pro Golf Player Bae Sang-mun Appointed Spokesperson for “Friends on the Path”

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(Picture:  Pro golfer Bae Sang-mun with Ven. Jikwan)


Pro Golf Player Bae Sang-mun Appointed Spokesperson for Friends on the Path

Pro golf player Bae Sang-mun has been appointed as the first spokesperson for the Jogye Order’s foundation, Friends on the Path.  The official appointment ceremony took place at the Jogye Order Administrative Building (Korean Buddhist History and Culture Center) on Dec. 22.  In attendance were Jogye Order’s Administrative head Ven. Jikwan, head of Social Affairs Ven. Seyoung, General Secretary Ven. Shimkyung, and Mr. Bae’s mother.  On this day, Bae Sang-mun donated 10 million won to Friends on the Path.



Ven. Jikwan said, Relying on the Buddha, please make efforts to widely promulgate Korea and Buddhism to the world.



Bae Sang-mun said, It’s a nice feeling to be selected as a spokesperson, with which I can do good things.  He continued, I will do the best I can.

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