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Jogye Order Buddhist Media Writing Awards

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Jogye Order Buddhist Media Writing Awards


The awards ceremony for the Buddhist Media Writing Awards was held at the JogyeOrderAdministrativeBuilding (Korean Buddhist History and CulturalCenter ) on December 17.  The message from the Jogye Order Head Ven. Jikwan read, The important mission of Buddhist Media Writing is to widely relay the Buddhist ideology of oneness and compassion.


The following are this years winners for the various categories:


TV:  Arirang TVs Kim Dong-jun and EBSs Suk-soon

Radio:  Buddhist Radios Choi Yun-hee and Daegu Buddhist Radios Park Su-kyung

Newspaper:  Hankyore Shimuns Jo Hyun and Bulgyo Shimuns Lee Seong-soo

Internet:  www.jungto.org Jung To-hee

Special Award:  Drama writer, No Hee-kyung


Over 500 attended the awards ceremony.

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