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A Pictorial of the “State of Affairs” Dharma Assembly

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A Pictorial of the State of Affairs Dharma Assembly

To protect the rights of the citizens and for the repentance of those in power, more than 1000 monks and nuns with over 30,000 Buddhists gathered for a "state of affairs" Buddhist assembly in front of Seoul City Hall on July 4. 
The head of the Organizing Committee for the "state of affairs" assembly Ven. Soo-kyung said, “In 2008, one million candles strongly confirmed that the citizens are in charge of the country.”  He then directed his words to Lee Myung Bak, “Let’s brighten the world with a greater light.”

The assembly finished with 108 prostrations.  Then a parade: “Contrition and Hope,” featuring giant lanterns in the shape of young girls holding lanterns and the four heavenly protector kings led the crowd in silence from City Hall to Soongryemoon gate, to Euljiro, then back to City Hall.

If sentient beings are in pain, Bodhisattvas are also in pain.   –Yuma Sutra


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