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A Dharma Message for the Lunar New Year

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A Dharma Message for the Lunar New Year
from Venerable Dorim Beopjeon, Supreme Patriarch of the JOKB
Venerable Dorim Beopjeon, Supreme Patriarch of the JOKB, has released His dharma
message for the Lunar New Year 2008 (Buddhist year 2552). 
In His New Year message, the Supreme Patriarch said, “Perfect harmony and absolute
unity present themselves everywhere in the New Year. Even in poverty, the great Peace-
giving Gate is opened for us all; everyone you meet in the street is a Buddha and every
place you walk on is the Pure Land. Consequently, as treasures are being piled up high
in every house each year, aesthetic enjoyment and elegance of our lives prevails each
and every day.”
New Year’s Message
As the dawn of the Lunar New Year
the Year of Mouse is breaking brighter.
The great aura of Buddha fills the Universes
In every house is the cosmic auspiciousness  
In every place opens the Gate of ambrosia
Thunders of truth suddenly arose in the sky,
hindrances everywhere will vanish.
As a door to Perfect Harmony and Absolute Unity opens,
ordinariness becomes no different from supreme elegance
The unenlightened men find Buddha in their own delusions,
the humble women open the Gate of great giving.
As there is no one without compassionate wisdom,
There is no one who is not Buddha, no place that is not Pure Land.
Each and every family enjoys abundance and richness (家家年年富).
Aesthetic enjoyment is regenerating itself day by day (風流日日新).

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